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Juneau is positioned along the Inside Passage and is the capital of Alaska. With a population of just over 30,000 (2002 Census) it’s the third largest community in the State. Unlike the other towns we visited, tourism is not the number one industry here. It’s a mere third, with Government coming in first and Fishing second. Ofcourse, back in the late 1800’s it was mining, since this is the place where it all started.

Being the Capitol allows the town to be active all year round, although to attend the activeness, you have only two ways to get here: air or sea. Juneau is the only capital in the continental United States that you cannot drive to! It’s roads stretch about 45 miles and abruptly end in both directions.

We hiked in the rainforest to views of Mendenhall Glacier, and managed to take some great pictures even in the mist and rain. This Glacier is over 12 miles long and over a 1 mile wide and ice that travels down from it’s origin at Juneau Icefield could take up to 250 years to reach the Mendenhall Lake!
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